A delicious Korean snack and sold out hand-drawn, 52 piece NFT collection.

(If you missed the Gimbap mint, Hangul is here.)
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Gimbap NFT characters

Our Story

Gimbap is a small team of designers, musicians, and entrepreneurs in Seoul making art and Play 2 Earn dApps for fans of Korean culture and media.

Our first collection, Gimbap, is an experiment in limited edition NFT collection design. All pieces are hand-drawn by Seyoung (한세영), a product designer and engineer.

The second collection, Hangul, is our foray into generative art and smart contracts. Future collections will incorporate game mechanics and DAO-based community governance.


Ryan Kulp playing guitar
Seyoung Han is an industrial designer and mechnical engineer in Seoul, Korea.

She is the co-creator of Yangmal (양말장난), a board game for Korean speakers and a recipient of the Asian Design Prize.
Ryan Kulp is an American musician and entrepreneur (founder of based in Seoul, Korea.

He helped create Korea's first crypto mining course ( and is a former growth consultant for, an L1 blockchain.


The Hangul collection includes unlockable content (3d printable files). Our 3rd collection will feature Play To Earn gaming. We're actively building a team of dapp developers to code alongside Ryan (co-creator) and accommodate these plans.

Gimbap Rarity

Within the 52 piece collection are 4 groups with varied traits, starting at 0.01 ETH.

25x - common (plastic chopsticks, regular shirt, basic ingredients)
15x - normal (wooden chopsticks, regular shirt, basic ingredients)
10x - rare (metal chopsticks, tank top, premium ingredients)
2x - super rare (golden chopsticks, dress shirt, delicacy ingredients)

Traits Overview

Collection Overview

Gimbap NFT collection overview